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Bar-coding, RFID, and Automatic Identification Systems

Principles, Applications, & Useful Tools for Data Collection

If you want to increase productivity and efficiency while keeping your costs down, you’re a prime candidate for bar coding, voice recognition, and RFID. Getting past the tangle of technological issues may be challenging, however. You may need some help in stripping away the hype to reveal the essentials of how these automatic data collection technology enablers can be of real use to your organization.

Bar Coding, RFID, & Automatic Identification is designed to do just that. This is not a seminar that gets bogged down, delving into the details and inner workings of how these technologies are generated or what their technical components are, this seminar is designed to help you determine how to get the most out of the technology and assess its applicability to your unique environment.

In this training participants will learn to:

  • Bridge the gap between disparate systems and technologies
  • Justify your Return On Investment for bar coding and RFID systems
  • Expand what you already know about the function and methodology of ADC
  • Integrate AIDC with EDI, electronic commerce, and the internet
  • Evaluate the vast data you will capture and know how to use it to save money and time
  • Identify ways to apply these ideas to your specific environment

Recommended for:

  • SCM management executives, supervisors, engineers, managers, and directors in the areas of manufacturing, inventory, distribution, purchasing, production, warehousing, logistics, operations, information technology, customer service, and finance, who are looking for a basic to intermediate level of understanding
  • Those with an upcoming implementation of an automatic identification/data collection (AIDC) vendor solicitation, project, or system
  • Those who are simply interested in learning about AIDC principles and practices
  • Those who want to expand their knowledge of how bar coding, RFID and ADC might be used to help them, their suppliers, and their customers enhance their business processes

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