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logistics training

For many organization and multinational firms, the logistics department has become one of the most important departments. Improving their planning, distribution and resource management has become priority. Logistics training has become routine in order to improve services and efficiency to these organization.  Our experts have delivered successful logistics training over past 20 years.

In logistics training we offer the following core courses:

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Cargo management

This logistics training is designed for personnel with some traffic experience or for those who wish to broaden their import/export expertise, Advanced Cargo Traffic Management can be your global gateway.

Explore packaging and transportation options appropriate for each industry type or category of product. Learn what you need to know about third party logistic services providers, including transportation intermediaries, warehouse and international freight forwarders, and customs brokers.

In this logistics training you will find out about NVOCC operators: their role, cost, benefit, and selection criteria. In addition to exploring e-Logistics, Advanced Cargo Traffic Management will concentrate heavily on international carriage and documentation, INCOTERMS risks and responsibilities, and regulatory considerations from both an import and export point of view.

Fundamentals of traffic

If you are seeking practical techniques to improve inbound freight control, carrier transportation management, outbound shipping, and distribution, Fundamentals of Traffic is the place to start. In this logistics training you will learn that outbound shipment control, multiple shipment consolidation, and load shipment accumulation are critical in the logistics environment-where time is money.

As for incoming and outbound shipments, you will find that much can be done to improve service and reduce costs for those vital materials and supplies your company needs delivered with consistency. Furthermore, you’ll see that consistent carrier service, as a vital part of the physical supply “Order Cycle Time,” will mean reductions in inventory levels and the carrying and handling costs involved. The practical skills you gain in Fundamentals of Traffic  logistics training will enable you to achieve the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Logistics and supply chain management

This interactive, “hands-on” logistics training is designed to provide you with a detailed look at global supply chain logistics, both in terms of today’s supply chain and the demand flow management process.

The global supply chain logistics approach works on the idea that a company is a synergism in which the flows of information materials, labor, capital equipment, and financial resources for determination of a company’s tendencies toward growth, fluctuation, and declines are interdependent.

Of course, as many know already, the global supply chain logistics concept may be easier to articulate than to implement. Let us clarify the approach and methodology for you! Logistics & Supply Chain Management training will help you integrate the theoretical with the practical, tying together powerful strategic concepts with their tactical processes.

Distribution management

Distribution management and distribution centers (DC’s) are changing dramatically!  New approaches and methods offer unique opportunities to cut costs substantially while improving existing layouts and operations. In addition, many organizations are now focusing on the impact of the DC’s bottom-line and are trying to bring distribution operations more closely into alignment with their organization’s supply chain.

This logistics training on Distribution Management for a World Class DC will challenge your thinking and help you stay in touch with the most important concepts in the distribution field, allowing you to respond to the ever-changing operational demands created by an ever-expanding global market.

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