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Distribution Management For World Class Distribution Center

Distribution management and distribution centers (DC’s) are changing dramatically!  New approaches and methods offer unique opportunities to cut costs substantially while improving existing layouts and operations.

In addition, many organizations are now focusing on the impact of the DC’s bottom-line and are trying to bring distribution operations more closely into alignment with their organization’s supply chain.

This intensive and practical training on Distribution Management for a World Class DC will challenge your thinking and help you stay in touch with the most important concepts in the distribution field, allowing you to respond to the ever-changing operational demands created by an ever-expanding global market.

At Distribution Management training you will learn how to:

  • Plan for the identification of outsourcing opportunities and make better use of third parties.
  • Reduce your handling costs and improve your travel time for your distribution center.
  • Lay out your distribution center for good space utilization, material handling compatibility, and optimum efficiency.
  • Determine which equipment best suits your particular operations for storage, order picking, and material handling.
  • Employ practical, functional distribution techniques to maximize your use of computerization and enabling technologies.
  • Optimize your storage efficiency and build in material flow flexibility.

Distribution Management training is recommended for:

  • Experienced supervisors and managers with little or no formal training
  • Distribution, inventory, and warehouse managers
  • Materials, customer service, and industrial engineering personnel
  • Directors and VPs of distribution or logistics
  • Managers, supervisors, and executive supply chain, operations, or IT  personnel interested in DC layout, functional optimization, and material flow
  • Anyone interested in improving the distribution management function

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