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Fundamentals of Trafficking Training

If you are seeking practical techniques to improve inbound freight control, carrier transportation management, outbound shipping, and distribution, Fundamentals of Traffic is the place to start. You will learn that outbound shipment control, multiple shipment consolidation, and load shipment accumulation are critical in the logistics environment-where time is money.

As for incoming and outbound shipments, you will find that much can be done to improve service and reduce costs for those vital materials and supplies your company needs delivered with consistency. Furthermore, you’ll see that consistent carrier service, as a vital part of the physical supply “Order Cycle Time,” will mean reductions in inventory levels and the carrying and handling costs involved. The practical skills you gain in Fundamentals of Traffic will enable you to achieve the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

In this training participants will learn to:

  • See how F.O.B. designation and terms of sale affect purchase and sales agreements
  • Establish more supplier-oriented relationships with your carrier base
  • Recognize the inherent advantages, disadvantages, costs, and benefits of using the various modes of transportation
  • Devise ways to cut freight traffic costs, improve carrier service, reduce order cycle time, and increase control of inbound shipments
  • Identify both your inbound and outbound tonnage for presentation to your carriers in exchange for favorable contract rates and freight discounts
  • Cut costs by consolidating inbound and outbound freight movement
  • Prepare both truckload and LTL “Bid Package” carrier solicitation letters, emphasizing those points that can help your company get better service at a lowest cost

Recommended for:

  • Freight and traffic management personnel who are new to the field
  • Those purchasing, customer service, distribution, logistics, and supply chain management personnel who have freight transportation and traffic management responsibility and are looking for the basics
  • Experienced logistics, purchasing, supply chain, procurement, warehousing, and distribution managers and supervisors with no or little formal training in freight and traffic management

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