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Purchasing and supply chain toolkit

Forget about procurement cost centers that just seem to suck out your time, money, patience and other resources. Instead, finally make money with your own successful procurement profit centers with the help of this power-packed online resource toolkit. The kit comes complete with 20+ years of Purchase and Supply Chain experience and knowledge-based practical eSources (ebooks) overflowing with added value linked to actual important Purchase and Supply Chain topics.

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Benefits of the package

  • Transform yourself and/or your Purchase and Supply Chain department from a cost center into a profit center
  • Learn how Leverage can boost the Purchase savings and to reduce in-house costs
  • Experience that Purchase & Supply Chain is more then cost savings
  • Learn how Purchase & Supply Chain can become a Key Success Factor towards the end customer performance
  • Bring yourself and your organization to a higher Innovation level by using suppliers’ knowledge
  • Learn how to make the procurement process far more effective and efficient
  • Become an expert setting-up Commodity Strategies/Policies
  • See how a structured approach can bring tons of results!
  • Bring Purchase & Supply Chain to the next level
  • Become an expert setting-up Leverage processes
  • Learn which steps are important to install a successful Leverage process
  • Learn the importance of negotiation preparation
  • Get a checklist to get prepared for any negotiation in a structured way
  • Increase your own knowledge related the Dos and Don’ts during negotiations
  • The impact of different cultures and how to cope with it during negotiations
  • Become an Outsourcing expert
  • Learn how to structure an Outsourcing process
  • Experience the pitfalls and avoid them yourself
  • And more….

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