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Fundamentals of International Purchasing Training

International Purchasing is an internationally oriented training, geared to those purchasing and procurement personnel who can be considered some of an organization’s most valuable assets if they have the right skills.

This fast-paced training is packed with useful information, from the basics of purchasing to the finest points of shaving costs. International Purchasing focuses on the most challenging aspects of the purchasing function and will provide the tools and techniques you need to meet those challenges efficiently and globally.

In International purchasing training participants will learn to:

  • Apply the basic principles of successful purchasing
  • Use tips that can literally save your organization thousands of dollars
  • Become a savvy negotiator in international purchasing
  • Establish relationships in which you and your supplier both benefit
  • Get clarity on INCOTERMS terms of sale
  • Develop and keep information and records up-to-date and accessible
  • Navigate the basics of the UN’s Convention for the International Sale of Goods Law
  • Choose the suppliers who provide the lowest overall cost for the best value

nternational purchasing training is recommended for:

  • Newly appointed buyers
  • More experienced buyers who deal in international or global purchasing venues
  • Those who want to supplement their experience with formal training in procurement processes and procedures

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