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Purchasing Negotiation Process & Communication

During a negotiation process, you need to be acutely aware of where you are and where you’re heading in relation to your negotiating objectives. Your actions will depend heavily on your ability to communicate and read the psychological signals that are available to you.

Purchasing negotiation process & communication skills is an intensive, practical training which focuses on the people skills you’ll need to employ during a negotiation process session as well as the administrative skills you’ll need to keep track of the details.

Practice negotiation and individual exercises will hone your skills to increase your level of comfort. This equally important sequel to Purchasing Negotiation Planning Skills will show you the people-awareness and refinement techniques employed by savvy negotiators during the negotiation process itself.

In this training participants will learn to:

  • Navigate the negotiation session with confidence
  • Use relationship building and personality awareness to your advantage
  • Enhance oral, listening, and written communication skills during the negotiation
  • Employ effective tactics and maneuvers
  • Use price and cost to ascertain value for the negotiation process
  • Identify emotional factors and sensory-based cues
  • Use a ten-point “Know Your Supplier” checklist to assess your leverage

Negotiation process is recommended for:

  • Those closely involved with purchasing, sourcing, acquisition, procurement, or supply management and who wish to expand their negotiation knowledge and skills
  • Those who want to improve their communication skills and ability to “read” the situation accurately at the negotiation table
  • Those who want to supplement the training gained in Purchasing Negotiation Planning Skills

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