Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse Training

Advanced Purchasing and Supply Management Techniques (In-house Training)

Successful purchasing depends on good decisions, and good decisions result from good management techniques. Purchasing supply management training will address those critical management concerns, providing you with vital information and the practical techniques needed to enhance the purchasing function’s contribution to your organization’s bottom line.

The changing procurement and physical supply environment requires that firms apply the most up-to-date procedures available to improve productivity and effectiveness. Learning the strategic and tactical skills offered in this seminar can make a difference in the way you plan and execute the purchasing function within your organization.

In this training participants will learn:

  • Purchasing supply management  will identify business environment factors that affect purchasing decisions and know how purchasing should monitor, appraise, and evaluate these factors
  • Apply the latest business, supply management, and materials management strategies, practices, systems, and organizational structures to improve productivity and effectiveness in your organization
  • Prepare plans and set goals and objectives for contribution to the bottom line
  • Manage the big picture effectively through inter-departmental coordination in a strategic purchasing environment
  • Decide what sourcing strategies and expectations can be used to enhance supplier quality and productivity and to optimize the supply base
  • Communicate results to top management, selling purchasing’s contribution to overall organizational goals

“Purchasing Supply Management” training is recommended for:

  • Purchasing, procurement, supply management, or materials management agents, supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents
  • Those who make decisions and develop strategies within the purchasing or supply management function
  • Those who have mastered the fundamentals of purchasing and are ready to explore refinements

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