Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse Training

Strategic Planning From Purchasing & Supply Management Perspective Training

Are you having trouble managing the “big picture” of purchasing and crystallizing the supply strategies and strategic planning within your organization?

With a focus on strategic planning, vision, organization, metrics and performance, this intensive executive training will address the specific ways your purchasing and supply management function can become a key contributor to your organization’s bottom line.

Strategic Planning training can make a difference in the way you strategically plan and promote the vision to achieve reality results.

In this strategic planning training you will learn to:

  • Set strategic planning goals and objectives that contribute to the bottom line and reduce costs effectively
  • Formulate action plans that add value and eliminate non-value added activities
  • Communicate results to top management, selling your department’s contribution to the overall organizational goals through metrics and KPIs
  • Understand what factors in the business environment affect purchasing decisions, and know how purchasing should monitor, appraise, and evaluate these factors through performance reports
  • Manage the big picture effectively by ensuring clear communication internally between you, your senior management, and your internal customers, as well as externally with vendors, suppliers, and contractors

Strategic planning training recommended for:

  • Purchasing, procurement, acquisition, contracting, supply management, or sourcing agents, supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents
  • Those who make decisions and develop strategies within the purchasing, contracting or supply management function

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