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Strategic Purchasing Negotiation Skills

Strategic purchasing negotiation skills training focuses on setting you up for success right from the start.  You will gain valuable insights about how to prepare for your negotiation as well as strategies to employ during the meeting itself.

In short, you can take the mystery out of the negotiation process by learning some valuable, time-tested skills that can make you a more valuable asset to your company, including:

  • How to prepare for negotiations effectively
  • The ins and outs of savvy negotiating
  • The effective use of strategy and tactics
  • How to structure win/win negotiations
  • How to establish and meet negotiation objectives
  • How to negotiate for the best value and terms
  • And much, much more

Benefits of attending Strategic purchasing negotiation skills:

  • Avoid surprises—know what to expect!
  • Know the right type of bargaining process to use in various situations.
  • Formulate and categorize three types of objectives.
  • Sharpen your oral, written, and listening communication skills—in a negotiation context.
  • Plan your negotiations in three distinct phases.
  • Develop a pre-negotiation plan and gather the essential information.
  • Establish credibility and targets for your negotiation objectives.
  • Determine what you need to know about your supplier.
  • Make power and influence work for you, not against you.
  • Use strategy, tactics, and counter-tactics effectively.
  • Identify emotional factors and sensory-based word cues.
  • Raise your People-Reading and Body Language IQ.
  • Identify proven traits and skills used by a good negotiator.
  • Use a 10-point Checklist on “Knowing Your Supplier.”
  • Use a formal Pre-Negotiation Plan Checklist.
  • Establish facts, and use them in your agenda.
  • Prepare the meeting area, and choose your team.
  • Learn the 3 steps of the Negotiation Planning Model.
  • Discern the difference between price and cost analysis factors.
  • Use the Negotiation Process Flow Checklist as a general guide.
  • Apply these skills in an actual negotiation setting.

Who should attend Strategic purchasing negotiation skills training?

  • Buyers and Purchasers
  • Contracts and Purchasing Professionals
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Materials Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Supply Management Professionals
  • Acquisition and Procurement Professionals
  • Those closely involved with the Purchasing, Sourcing, Acquisition, Procurement, or Supply Management Function and who wish to expand their negotiation knowledge and skills.

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