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Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management Training

Successful purchasing depends on good decisions, and good decisions result from good management techniques.  The changing procurement and physical supply environment requires that firms apply the latest business, purchasing, supply management and materials management strategies, practices, systems, and organizational structures to improve productivity and effectiveness.

World-class procurement organizations spend 30% less on procurement operations than their peers and operate with nearly half the staff, according to research into world-class performance from The Hackett Group, a business advisory firm.  At the same time, these world-class companies achieve 60% higher return on investment (ROI) than typical companies and rely on less than half as many suppliers.  World-class companies are also about twice as likely as their peers to engage in significant supplier rationalization annually, and they have greater control over indirect spending.

Today, purchasing must be the most progressive group in the company. Your systems, techniques, and operational theories must be flexible and dynamic.

Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management training can make a difference in the way you plan and execute the purchasing function within your organization.  Plan to attend this exciting opportunity to refine your thinking and find out what you can do to become even more effective on the job.

In this strategic purchasing & supply management training you will learn:

  • Manage the “big picture” effectively by inter-departmental coordination in a strategic purchasing environment.
  • Examine purchasing organizational concepts, personnel training and educational factors, and purchasing job descriptions.
  • Prepare plans, set goals and objectives for contribution to the bottom line and cost effectiveness.
  • Decide what sourcing strategies and expectations can be used to enhance supplier quality and productivity and optimize the supply base.
  • Broaden your perspective about what factors in the business environment—Porter’s 5 Forces, PESTLE Analysis, and SWOT Analysis—affect purchasing decisions and how purchasing should monitor, appraise, and evaluate these factors through their use.
  • Use e-sourcing and e-procurement, internet-based purchasing, reverse auctions, and purchasing/procurement cards for operational management and decision support to improve productivity and enhance decision making.
  • Maintain cooperative relationships with suppliers in order to realize maximum cost efficiencies and continuity of service.
  • Exchange insights and information about the problems you face everyday with other professionals, developing a network of executives with whom you can share information both during the seminar and beyond.
  • Ensure that communication is clear and concise internally, both between you and your staff-and externally with vendors, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Understand the “ins and outs” of strategic sourcing, early supplier involvement, supplier empowerment, outsourcing, and value-added supply management.
  • Improve your ability to communicate results to top management about selling purchasing’s contribution to the overall organizational goals through performance reports.
  • Develop a better understanding of strategic supply management and its inherent “new wrinkles” for commodities, direct/indirect materials, services and capital equipment.
  • Prepare yourself for the use of specialized purchase instruments and their contracting alternatives in the contracting process.

Who should attend strategic purchasing & supply management training

Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management is designed to give purchasing, procurement, supply management, or materials management agents, supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents a concentrated course in effective purchasing and supply management.  It is designed for those who make decisions and develop strategies within the purchasing or supply management function.

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