Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse Training

Sourcing to Success

Are you:

  • Looking for ways to reduce the total cost of your purchased products and services?
  • Concerned about maintaining your quality standards while still controlling supplier costs?
  • Wondering how to develop effective partnering with your key suppliers?
  • Clueless about methods for developing a supplier certification program?
  • Confused about where to begin in evaluating supplier performance?
  • Expecting to change the ways your company conducts its supply base management activities?
  • Muddled about how to develop a plan to reduce or rationalize the supply base?
  • Interested in engaging your suppliers in cost reduction and Value Analysis efforts?
  • Involved in Strategic Sourcing and considering the move to a Strategic Supply Management Orientation?

If you find yourself contemplating any of these questions, you’ll get valuable answers in sourcing to success training.

Special Bonus Features:

This training abounds with valuable tools, references, samples, templates, forms, checklists, and step-by-step guidelines to give you a quick start for using the ideas on the job.  Here’s some of what you will get:

  • Internal client or customer guide to using the purchasing department
  • Vendor qualification statement survey questionnaire
  • 4-page supplier visit evaluation checklist
  • Supplier Qualification Flowchart
  • Sample Supplier Relations and Supply Base Management Policy Statement
  • CEO Draft Letter on Supplier Contact and Relations
  • Sample Supplier Information and Qualification Form
  • Sample Supplier Welcome Booklet—Doing Business with Your Company
  • Sample Letter of Instruction on Solicitations and Purchase Commitments
  • Model Negotiation Plan and Sample Negotiation Objectives
  • Sample Guidelines for a Supplier Suggestion Program
  • Guidelines for Hosting a Supplier Day
  • 10 Sample Formats for Supplier Performance Evaluation Reporting

Plus a fact-filled, comprehensive workbook for continued reference!

Critical Insights and Applications:

Don’t miss the chance to focus on what is most critical to improving supplier performance for your organization:

  • The 4 keys to leverage and supplier base consolidation
  • Working with internal customers and clients
  • Early supplier involvement and supplier development
  • Build supplier relationships through alliances and partnering
  • The 3 questions of strategic supply planning
  • Define the 4 types of supplier relationships and the 5 categories of suppliers
  • Focus on the 3 kinds of supply arrangements and their situational applicability
  • The 4 supplier classifications of purchasing impact and supply base relationship management
  • Conduct supplier surveys and supplier visits
  • Perform supplier qualification and due diligence
  • Negotiate for supplier improvements on a win/win basis
  • Achieve good supplier relationships through the 10 Better Negotiating Tips
  • Identify value-added opportunities through VA/VE
  • Rate, assess, and evaluate suppliers through a performance report card or measurement system
  • Reduce, rationalize, and optimize the supply base and implement the process
  • Measure the process through supply base metrics and cost savings and avoidance methodologies
  • The 4-step process to implement strategic sourcing
  • Deal with sole sources and limited competition
  • The criteria for evaluating third party service providers
  • Ensure that you know your marketplace and follow the 10-point Know Your Supplier Checklist
  • Measure supplier quality through the 7-step SPC System Flowchart
  • The use of internet technologies and the impact on the supply base
  • The Rule of 55 and ABC Purchasing Classification Analysis
  • Control the 3 types of supply base management costs
  • Establish and report a value-added cost savings/avoidance accrual methodology
  • The 20 cost-reduction opportunities available to your organisation

Who should attend sourcing to success training?

Sourcing to Success training is for anyone who wants to audit their organization’s existing supplier sourcing, selection, qualification, certification, rating and evaluation programs or who has the need to improve supplier base relationship management to stay competitive.  This seminar will be particularly beneficial to directors of purchasing, procurement, or supply management; procurement or sourcing managers; materials, logistics, and operations managers; purchasing, contracting, or acquisition personnel who deal directly with suppliers; and senior managers to whom purchasing or materials or supply management reports.

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