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Supplier Performance: Ratings, Measurement and Evaluation

Now that “service and support” and “lowest overall cost for the best value” have become prominent factors in assessing supplier performance, purchasers need to capture rating criteria and performance measurements that truly reflect levels of buyer-supplier communication and “after sale” support.  In this one day workshop, supplier performance: ratings, measurement & evaluation , you can refine your understanding of those factors, tools, and guidelines you need to make your supply base management process more effective and less costly for your organization.

You will learn that the major focus in a sound buyer-supplier relationship is a sound qualification and supplier rating process prior to the supplier selection.  You will discover that the primary means of measuring supplier performance is a supplier evaluation system which helps analyze a supplier’s commitment to a long-term relationship.

The supply source problem prevention process acts as the basis for a continuous dialogue between the buyer and supplier and subjects the supplier to systematic evaluation.  It also helps set quality, value, availability, cost, and reliability standards.  The best evaluation programs, of course, are based on qualitative and quantitative standards, and this workshop will help you to target the ones that best apply to your operation.

You will discover that the prime goal for the process is to ensure an accurate reflection of a supplier’s overall suitability to continue as a long-term supply source.  Typically, the focus and effort of many supplier measurement and evaluation systems are often directed at the “results” or statistical measures to be achieved.

What you may not know is that the best systems, designed to endure the test of time, are actually bi-directional.  In effective Supply Base Management relationships, savvy purchasers know that the key to a solid purchaser/supplier relationship is communication.

Throughout this pragmatic program, Supplier performance: ratings, measurement & evaluation, you will have a chance to broaden your perspective through exploring the following questions:

  • Why are some suppliers “world class” when it comes to the support needed to “buy” but fall down when it comes to “after sale” support and the hand-holding that goes with it?
  • How should you assess a supplier’s performance?  Just as importantly, how do you know you’re being a good customer?  Do you really want to know?
  • Does your supplier’s performance result in a competitive advantage for you?  If not, why?  Do you know the true costs of poor supplier performance?
  • How do you define the qualification criteria and relationship parameters so expected supplier performance results?

Special Bonus Benefits

Supplier Performance: Ratings, Measurement, & Evaluation is packed with valuable resources and tools that you can apply immediately back on the job.  In addition to containing sound concepts and methodologies, your workshop reference manual is filled with special features, formats, and samples you can use as templates to create or tailor the documentation required in your own, unique work environment.

Here are some of the many forms and sample documents provided for your reference:

  • Internal Customer Guide to Using the Purchasing Department
  • Vendor Qualification Statement Survey Questionnaire
  • Supplier Visit Evaluation Checklist
  • Supplier Qualification Flowchart
  • Supplier Relations Policy Statements
  • Supplier Information and Qualification Form
  • Supplier Welcome Booklet
  • Letter of Instruction on Solicitations and Purchase Commitments
  • Supplier Rating and Assessment Systems
  • Formats for Supplier Performance Evaluation Reporting
  • Supplier Performance Guidelines and Policy Statements

During “Supplier Performance: Ratings, Measurement & Evaluation” training you will learn:

  • The major objectives of qualification, selection, and evaluation
  • How to base your supplier selection on the due diligence data available
  • The proven methodology and techniques to manage suppliers successfully
  • How to determine your organization’s true cost of supplier performance
  • The key elements of supplier rating and evaluation programs
  • How to develop partnering and alliances with key suppliers
  • The 4 keys to leverage and supplier base consolidation
  • How to work with internal customers and clients
  • The 3 questions of strategic supply planning
  • How to conduct supplier surveys and supplier visits
  • How to perform supplier qualification and due diligence
  • How to rate, assess, and evaluate suppliers through a performance report card or measurement system
  • How to measure the process through supply base metrics as well as cost savings and cost avoidance methodologies
  • And much, much, more.

Who should attend “Supplier Performance: Ratings, Measurement & Evaluation”?

Those who want to audit or assess their existing supplier qualification, selection, and evaluation programs or who know they must improve supplier quality and performance.  This training will be particularly beneficial to purchasing, contracts administration, acquisition, supply management, sourcing, and procurement personnel and management as well as directors and managers of operations, materials management, or logistics—anyone who deals directly with suppliers, contractors, and vendors, and the senior managers to whom they report.

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