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Managing Supplier, Vendor Selection, Appraisal & Performance

Successful organisations source, qualify, rate, select, and evaluate their supply base value chain because it gives them a competitive edge

Managing Supplier & Vendor Selection, Appraisal, & Performance is for those who want to audit their organization’s existing supplier and vendor sourcing, selection, qualification, appraisal, performance rating, and evaluation programs or who have the need to improve supplier and vendor solicitation methods to stay competitive.

When it comes to selection, appraisal, and managing performance, the application of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) in managing your supply and vendor base more efficiently can generate big savings for your organization.  At many companies, Purchasing, Contracting, or Procurement is riddled with an inability to track and optimize supplier performance and quality, leading to missed opportunities for economies of scale or scope.

This training will be particularly beneficial to managers of purchasing, procurement, or supply management; procurement or sourcing supervisors; materials, logistics, and operations managers; purchasing, contracting, or acquisition personnel who deal directly with suppliers; and senior managers to whom purchasing or materials or supply management functions reports.

Critical Insights & Applications

Don’t miss the chance to focus on what is most critical to appraising and improving the supplier and vendor performance for your organization:

  • Working with internal customers and clients
  • Use global sourcing financial and information resources
  • Conduct supplier surveys and vendor visits
  • Perform supplier qualification and due diligence while assessing risk
  • Establish adequate specifications, requirements, and SOWs
  • Conduct a rigorous inquiry and qualification process using business intelligence tools
  • Negotiate for supplier improvements on a win/win basis
  • Decide on the applicable competitive solicitation option for the purchase at hand
  • Learn the development and use of RFXs
  • The RFP’s basic components and performance based contracting implications
  • Rate, assess, and evaluate suppliers through a performance report card or measurement system
  • Understand the intricacies of better supplier improvement programs and implement the process
  • The steps in the RFP review, approval, and evaluation process
  • Realize the importance of post purchase/contract award actions
  • Measure the process through supply base metrics and cost savings and avoidance methodologies
  • The scorecard criteria for report card performance evaluation of suppliers and vendors
  • Establish and report a value-added cost savings/avoidance accrual methodology
  • The need to establish better communications and overcome the resistance to change and to organizational inertia

Plus: You will receive a fact-filled, comprehensive workbook for continued reference!

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