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Supply Chain Training

Supply Chain Training

Supply Chain Training

We provide the following supply chain training:

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Course 1: Supply Chain Logistics Management

A fully developed global SC and logistics system is a fine instrument for planning and control.  By optimizing total costs in a broad area of operation, for example, the system might actually indicate that it would be cheaper to use more expensive transportation rather than to constrain viable warehouse space.

Moreover, such a system gives top management a means of control, which a disparate group of isolated, unconnected functional activities cannot. This supply chain training will help you integrate the theoretical and practical aspect.

This interactive training will provide you with an overview of global sc and logistics, both in terms of today’s perspective and practices  and in the demand flow management process, so you can know how to make the most of this powerful tool. [ more info ]

Course 2: Supply Chain Metrics

Some organizations use “best practices” or “benchmarks” from other organizations in their industry, while other organizations adopt “standard” measurements or “metrics.”  Still other organizations decide to create their own unique tools, which are more appropriate and specific to their business.  In this supply chain training, The Metrics, your instructor will give you “hands on” guidance to help you select which one will work best for your organization.

Whichever process you decide to use, you will need to establish a baseline starting point and measure improvement from that point. Training will introduce you to the many tools available to help you highlight those internal areas of success that can be used for benchmarking.  This training will also help you spotlight areas of concern that require your immediate corrective action.  Interactive scorecards and dashboards; business event management; reporting and analysis; data integration; planning; budgeting; forecasting; and supply chain visibility—all will be explored in this supply chain training. [ more info ]

Course 3: Materials Management

This supply chain training, Total Materials Management: An Integrated Approach, has been designed to bring you up to full speed on all the important areas of total materials management.

You will learn that materials management covers a wide spectrum of varied activities, totally committed to providing a smooth flow from suppliers to operations/production/maintenance then to internal and/or external customers.

In this training you will also learn about the newest and best approaches for your type of integrated materials management organization. [ more info ]

Course 4: Purchasing & Supply Management

Successful purchasing depends on good decisions, and good decisions result from good management techniques. This  training will address those critical management concerns, providing you with vital information and the practical techniques needed to enhance the purchasing function’s contribution to your organization’s bottom line.

The changing procurement and physical supply chain environment requires that firms apply the most up-to-date procedures available to improve productivity and effectiveness. Learning the strategic and tactical skills offered in this training can make a difference in the way you plan and execute the purchasing function within your organization.[ more info ]

Course 5: International Trade and Global Supply Chain

International trade and global supply chain is an interactive training.  It will emphasize on the issues which are important to the group and will use examples pertinent to the industries represented in each training session. International trade and global supply chain training explores packaging and transportation options appropriate for each industry’s type or category of product.  A major topic of discussion of cargo management training will concern third party logistics providers (3PL), including warehouse and international freight forwarders, brokers, and NVOCC operators, their role, cost, benefit, and selection criteria.[ more info ]

Course 6: Global Supply Chain and Global Sourcing

Global supply chain and global sourcing training is designed to provide you with an overview of global SC and logistics, both in terms of today’s practices and in the demand flow management process, so you can know how to make the most of this powerful tool.In the high cost and mitigating risk environment, a new focus on managing supply chains has emerged.  It is characterized by recognition that the typical logistics channel contains smaller and smaller shipments, more configurable warehouse SKUs, and slow, obsolete, and excess inventories.  Only when control of the supply chains network occurs, can costs be contained and customer service be enhanced.[ more info ]

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