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Materials Management (In-House Training)

An Integrated Approach

Materials management training emphasizes on how to plan, implement, and use proven practices that work.  There is a strong focus on approaches and principles that will have the most dramatic effect on your organization’s costs attributable to material management.

With these facts in mind, you will recognize that materials management is an organizational concept that fosters a total systems approach to plan, acquire, store, move, and control materials, supplies, parts, work-in-process, and finished or consumable goods in order to optimize all organizational resources and provide internal and/or external customer service consistent with organizational policy.  It attempts to get the right items at the lowest overall cost at the right time to maintain desired service levels within budget or at profit levels.

If you want to benefit from learning about the latest good practices and are looking for ways to develop clear, specific, strategic materials management plans or are seeking to improve your current materials management organization, this seminar is for you.

In this materials management training you will learn:

  • How are the goals and strategies of materials management supporting your business plan?
  • What are the costs and competitive implications of your present and future integrated materials management network configuration?
  • What are your total materials management information system and technology enabler resource needs?
  • How well does your materials management functional cost information help you analyze total cost of ownership or total landed cost?
  • What rationale are you using to purchase or distribute the way you do currently?
  • What are your inventory investment and carrying costs?
  • Which transportation options are best for you?
  • Where do you need to tailor your physical supply and customer service levels?
  • Will improvements such as data availability, speed, and accuracy return economic value (ROI)?
  • What is the best scenario for your demand chain to reduce costs and improve service?
  • What metrics and KPIs should senior management utilize to gauge the value of materials management performance?
  • How productive are your materials management functions and your total integrated supply chain operations?
  • Where should you realign your supply or demand chain’s physical facilities network?
  • How effective and efficient are your facility layout and your material flow?
  • What are the particular skill sets needed by your current and future supervisors and executives to manage your organization’s materials effectively?

This training is recommended for:

  • This training is relevant to those with a basic to intermediate level of experience in materials management or those looking for a refresher from the manufacturing, service, distribution or government sectors.
  • Delegates from such diverse organizations as maintenance and engineering companies; hospitals and healthcare firms; oil, gas, energy and chemical producers; government agencies; food processors and distributors; universities and educational institutions; insurance and financial services companies; transportation and logistics providers; and manufacturers can benefit from attending.

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