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Mastering Warehouse Mechanics Order Picking, Layout, Design & Equipment Options

One key to effective warehouse design is the relative dominance of picking or storage activity.  These two warehouse functions have opposing requirements—material handling access versus space utilization—so the challenge is to find the balance that’s right for your operation.

Techniques that maximize space utilization tend to complicate picking and render it inefficient, while large storage areas increase distance and tend to reduce picking efficiency.  Ideal picking requires small stocks in dedicated, close locations, but this requirement works against storage efficiency.

Though mechanization and automation of picking, storage, and handling can compensate for these opposing requirements to a degree, this type of equipment is generally expensive to install and operate.

To complicate matters further, warehousing buffers inbound shipments from suppliers and outbound orders to customers.  Customers usually order in patterns that are not compatible with the capabilities of the warehouse’s suppliers.  The amount of storage depends on the disparity between incoming and outbound shipment patterns.

This intensive and practical seminar, mastering warehouse mechanics, will help you stay in touch with the most important concepts in warehousing/distribution facility design.

What you will learn at mastering warehouse mechanics?

Mastering warehouse mechanics training can offer you a powerful methodology for planning, managing, and controlling your warehouse operations.  At Mastering Warehouse Mechanics you will learn how to:

  • Plan for growth and expansion in your warehouse
  • Reduce your handling costs and improve your travel time for your warehouse
  • Lay out your warehouse for good space utilization, material handling compatibility, and optimum efficiency
  • Determine which equipment best suits your particular operations for storage, order picking, and material handling
  • Employ practical techniques for improving your day-to-day warehouse material flow
  • Optimize your storage efficiency and build in material flow flexibility

Key benefits of attending mastering warehouse mechanics training

  • The must-have information that you need at all times concerning materials handling, inventory and storage
  • Proven techniques for saving travel time in warehouse operations
  • Estimating storage and space requirements accurately
  • Practical layout methodology and checklists for a productive warehouse
  • Selecting the proper equipment, methods, and technologies for your warehouse
  • Choosing efficient storage systems for your warehouse
  • The importance of focusing on the layout, material flow, and warehouse equipment—and continuously improving your results
  • Become aware of the warehouse’s rhythm by determining order picking techniques for scheduling work and improving operations
  • Order filling and selection techniques that will increase the speed, cut the cost, or reduce travel time
  • And much, much more

Who should attend mastering warehouse mechanics training?

  • Newly appointed supervisors and managers of warehouses, stockrooms, and distribution centers
  • Experienced supervisors and mangers with little or no formal training
  • Plant storeroom, inventory, and materials managers
  • Distribution, logistics, and other management personnel
  • Stores, receiving, and shipping supervisors
  • Managers, supervisors, and executive supply chain personnel interested in warehouse layout, design, and material flow

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